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The Effectiveness of Direct Mail Marketing

Remember the excitement when a letter arrived in the mail? Or a packaged box full of mysteries inside just waiting to be opened? Email and digital marketing is effective, but it is not the only method to reach consumers and generate leads.

While marketers may be concerned about the effectiveness of direct mail and whether or not they can properly track it or afford the costs, there is plenty of evidence to support this “traditional” marketing strategy.

What are the benefits of direct mail as part of a marketing strategy?

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Marketing to Marketers

Because marketers know how much of marketing revolves around providing value at every stage of the customer journey, they also know how to sniff out gimmicks. When trying to build loyalty amongst marketers, know that a campaign with robust discount/reward system or a partnership with a useful external resource will almost always outperform the flashy campaign that lacks substance. If brands want to create loyalty within this segment, the marketing strategy needs to focus on building trust through transparency, engagement, and useful content.​​​​​​​

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A How-to Guide to Writing the Perfect Marketing Brief

A solid brief can make or break a marketing campaign. The brief provides a solid foundation to ensure that an internal or external team is aligned to execute the strategy. Follow the steps and download our free and comprehensive marketing brief to align your brand’s processes.

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The Evolution and History of Content Marketing
Can Anyone be a Marketer?

The truth? There is no “typical” background for marketing. While some believe the foundation of great marketing is creativity, the reality is that creativity without strategy can be useless. The most successful marketers have a personality profile with a healthy balance of left-brained and right-brained thinking.

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