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4 Unique Black Friday Stories You May Not Have Heard

Since its ”humble” beginnings in the 1950s, Black Friday has cemented itself into our yearly festivities. People prioritize it, gather together, and camp out just to await the special deals that will define their holiday experience. This tradition is a day created for and centered around consumers and consumerism.

We all know Amazon sales soared, but which brands were the unsung heroes of Black Friday? What did we learn from their creative deals?

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Best Email Marketing Practices for the Typical Marketer

How can marketers grasp their consumer’s attention or stand out in a unique way without coming off too strong or obnoxious? How can marketers inform their email marketing strategy to attract more leads and subscribers? What deters consumers? What drives consumers to click the “subscribe” or “unsubscribe” button?

AgencySparks turned to the expertise of our agency partners, DEFINITION 6 and Response Media, for the answers and insights on best email marketing practices.

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Pairing Technology with Marketing Strategy to "Activate" Growth

At its core, the Activate conference was all about how to activate company growth by pairing technology with marketing strategy. In today’s cluttered, chaotic marketing landscape, the playing field is finally level. The little guys can outshine the big guys if they’re smart… and that’s an exciting prospect.

To illustrate the lessons I learned from Activate, I’ll need to borrow an equation from Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs and author of Everybody Writes to tie together my takeaways from each speaker:

Data x Listening X Instinct = YASSSSSS

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Mascot, Spokesperson, or Theme? How to Bring your Marketing Stories to Life

Marketers tell stories to differentiate their brands from the competition, increase audience engagement, and to bring the brand to life. Since humans are emotional beings, consumers will, most likely, eat up a good brand story. Facts and figures will gain the consumer’s trust, but an entertaining story that moves the consumer to care about the brand leads to trust in addition to loyalty…

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Marketing to Marketers

Because marketers know how much of marketing revolves around providing value at every stage of the customer journey, they also know how to sniff out gimmicks. When trying to build loyalty amongst marketers, know that a campaign with robust discount/reward system or a partnership with a useful external resource will almost always outperform the flashy campaign that lacks substance. If brands want to create loyalty within this segment, the marketing strategy needs to focus on building trust through transparency, engagement, and useful content.​​​​​​​

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Can Anyone be a Marketer?

The truth? There is no “typical” background for marketing. While some believe the foundation of great marketing is creativity, the reality is that creativity without strategy can be useless. The most successful marketers have a personality profile with a healthy balance of left-brained and right-brained thinking.

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