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The Effectiveness of Direct Mail Marketing

Remember the excitement when a letter arrived in the mail? Or a packaged box full of mysteries inside just waiting to be opened? Email and digital marketing is effective, but it is not the only method to reach consumers and generate leads.

While marketers may be concerned about the effectiveness of direct mail and whether or not they can properly track it or afford the costs, there is plenty of evidence to support this “traditional” marketing strategy.

What are the benefits of direct mail as part of a marketing strategy?

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When it Comes to Video Length for Content Marketing, Size Matters

In a world where consumer attention span is reportedly shorter than a goldfish, content creators face a constant challenge of innovating new ways to get noticed or differentiate themselves from competitors.

What can marketers do to set themselves apart? Optimize the length of their content.

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"Fully Invested" Podcast Features AgencySparks CEO - Joe Koufman
48in48: At the Intersection of Passion and Purpose
Congrats, You Went Viral... Now What?

There's no real "blueprint" for brands to handle the onslaught of attention that a viral post, game, product, or piece of content garners…but here are some tips and real-life example of brands who somehow managed to crack the code and gain traction.

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The Evolution of Marketing: A Brief History

What brands once saw as a one-way street to push impersonal mass communications has become a consumer-driven highway comprised of highly customized, two-way communication. Marketing has evolved from primitive beginnings to modernized digital.

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