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#MarketersBreakfast - Cultivating Quality Marketing Talent

It’s a tight talent market. Cultivating talent is a struggle all too familiar to marketers in every industry. More than ever, hiring managers are facing tight hiring timelines, loss of quality candidates to competitive salaries/benefits packages, and candidates “ghosting” companies during the interview process. Needless to say, the finding that perfect fit is not an easy task.

To address this concern, AgencySparks hosted our quarterly #MarketersBreakfast at the Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center to discuss solutions and recommendations to marketing leaders. Read what marketing leaders had to say…

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#MarketersBreakfast: A Speed-Dating Valentine's Spectacular

For AgencySparks, Valentine’s Day is the greatest day of the year, so we shared it with the people we love most - senior brand marketers and agency partners. As connectors of client-side marketers and agencies, it was our duty to provide as many connections as possible on the gushiest day of the year.

Valentine’s day morning, marketers entered the Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center ready to network their hearts out at our ever-popular speed-dating #MarketersBreakfast event.

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Setup Offers Marketing Recruiting

Matchmaking between brands and agencies has always been our bread and butter… but we are often asked for help filling marketing job openings or connecting marketers with potential jobs. In one sense, we have always been amateur recruiters, so it is time to formalize the offering.

To fulfill our promise to brands as a go-to marketing resource, AgencySparks is now offering recruiting as a service.

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#MarketersBreakfast - New Year, New Marketing Initiatives

AgencySparks is dedicated to connecting established brands with exceptional marketing agencies. Each quarter, AgencySparks hosts a #MarketersBreakfast that facilitates mixing and mingling between the two and encourages discussion about relevant marketing trends.

This quarter, the breakfast served as a reflection of 2018 marketing efforts. The discussion, lead by attendees from agency partners and brands like Coca-Cola, The Home Depot, Amazon Web Services, Red Bull, and ParkMobile, evolved from 2018 lessons to notable marketing trends.

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SPARKsouth - Find Your Passion

The annual SPARKsouth conference aims to benefit college students looking to build a career in digital marketing. The day focuses on career development with insights from expert panelists, mentor pairings, keynote speakers, networking opportunities, interviewing skills, and marketing career planning.

Representatives from brands and agencies served in panels and gave an overwhelming amount of helpful advice. Continue reading for their key tips.

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#MarketersBreakfast - Unlocking the Secrets of the Agency-Client Relationship

AgencySparks is dedicated to connecting established brands with exceptional marketing agencies. Each quarter, AgencySparks hosts a #MarketersBreakfast that facilitates mixing and mingling between the two and encourages discussion about relevant marketing trends.

This particular breakfast was unique in that AgencySparks CEO, Joe Koufman, presented the results of a Marketing Relationship Survey that AgencySparks has been conducting since early May to understand marketers’ relationships with their agencies. Continue reading for the key insights…

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Pairing Technology with Marketing Strategy to "Activate" Growth

At its core, the Activate conference was all about how to activate company growth by pairing technology with marketing strategy. In today’s cluttered, chaotic marketing landscape, the playing field is finally level. The little guys can outshine the big guys if they’re smart… and that’s an exciting prospect.

To illustrate the lessons I learned from Activate, I’ll need to borrow an equation from Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs and author of Everybody Writes to tie together my takeaways from each speaker:

Data x Listening X Instinct = YASSSSSS

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#MarketersBreakfast - Connecting Brands and Agencies with the Best Marketing Tools

AgencySparks is dedicated to bringing together marketers from established brands and top marketing agencies. Each quarter, AgencySparks hosts a #MarketersBreakfast that not only facilitates mixing and mingling but explores a topic that is intriguing and relevant to senior marketers.

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in Marketing

The world of digital media is constantly evolving and marketers need to learn how to adjust and grow with the changes. Marketers have access to analytical data like never before, influencing every step of their marketing strategies and enhancing their content production. The evolution of technology also affects marketing roles as artificial intelligence (AI) comes into play…

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Marketer Speed-Dating Fuels Connections that Last

As matchmakers for brands and agencies and true masters of connection, Valentine’s Day is by far the most important holiday for AgencySparks. We celebrated by hosting one of our ever-popular Marketer’s Breakfasts.

Unlike past Marketer’s Breakfasts with themes such as customer experience, creativity in the workplace, or data measurement - this particular event was focused on “speed-dating.” 

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