Marketers Toolbox: SalesLoft

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Atlanta is home to many great sales and marketing software startups, one of which we use literally every single day.

Founded in September 2011, SalesLoft originally started as a list-building tool that scraped sales prospects’ information (names, job titles, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.) from their LinkedIn profiles.

After garnering huge sums of early venture capital funding, SalesLoft famously hit the reset button in early 2013 when they realized their marketing and sales efforts had outpaced the quality of their prospecting tool platform.

Since then, this sales development tool has added new features like its email campaign manager, Cadence, and its recently unveiled platform integrator, The Sales Development Cloud, creating a seamless end-to-end sales enablement experience that emphasizes the benefits of customization.

Users generate their own, customized prospect lists, and then log phone calls, emails, and social media communications as part of a continuous cadence that nurtures leads to closure.

Start by building a new list using SalesLoft's Chrome plugin, which helps you search for prospects via LinkedIn. Once you've found the right one, click "Propsect" to pull the person's data and populate it into your list of new business leads.

When your list is ready for contact, export it to Google Sheets, or a CSV download, or (our personal preference) import it right into Cadence and add them to a nurture campaign.

Like most marketing automation tools, Cadence can track email opens, clicks, and replies, which are key indicators of your prospect's interest in what you’re selling.

The thing we love most about SalesLoft is the ease in which the Cadence tool allows us to send cold, quasi-automated emails that can be individually personalized, and tend to fly under the spam radar.

Pricing for a small group is $75/user per month, $100/user per month for a larger sales team, and $125/user per month for an enterprise subscription.

Check out this SalesLoft tutorial video...

...and this Cadence tutorial video for more information!


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