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The Importance of Ongoing Marketing Education

Survival of the fittest means learning to adapt to the world around you. The marketing field is evolving constantly. Back in the day, marketing relied on gut feelings. Later, it relied on “vanity metrics.” Now, with the help of advanced technology, analytics has given marketers the necessary knowledge to inform marketing strategy. 

But...marketers need to educate and keep themselves up to date on these changes, or else, the marketer risks getting left behind. 

How can marketers continue their marketing education and why is it important to do so?

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The Marketing Profession Needs Marketing

From sales, to product design, to innovation, to finance, to technology, and even to HR - marketing touches virtually every department within the organization and drives each department toward its goals.

In order to do this, however, leaders in the organization need to understand the value of marketing. If CMOs position and communicate themselves better, then progress can be made.

How can CMOs prove their value to not only the C-suite, but the company as a whole?

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How Improv Makes Me a Better Marketer

Improv is an art form present in everyday life. From jazz musicians following a riff, to a nervous boyfriend reviewing topics to discuss with his girlfriend’s parents - improv is everywhere. But how is this silly storytelling tool of make believe relevant to marketers?

Mastering the ability to think on one’s feet makes any situation easier - especially in marketing. Whether working in customer service, a pitching environment, social media marketing, or on a team - marketers who purposefully or subconsciously employ some of the foundational pillars of improv will undoubtedly find more success connecting with their consumers. 

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How Public Relations is Evolving

The definition of Public Relations, or PR, is “the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person.” PR covers a range of disciplines, ranging from consumer relations to influencer marketing to corporate social responsibility. Essentially, PR is the deliberate spread of information. It’s a tool to tell a story, build a relationship with the public, and influence the public’s perspective.

How has PR changed over the years and what tactics still remain true today?

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Leveraging Data in 2019

In the digital world, marketers have access to endless data - what they do with that data determines their strategy and success. Each individual data point is a grain of sand that buries the marketer like a sandstorm in the desert when unorganized. With the right guidance, however, marketers can become more purposeful and create a strategic sand trap.

Setup’s agency partner, The Shipyard, wrote the following guest blog to guide marketers away from common pitfalls when using data.

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How to Drill Down to an Agency’s True Capabilities

There are over 120,000 agencies out there - and that’s just in the U.S. alone. Many agencies identify as “full-service” or “integrated,” but are they really? Have they demonstrated experience in every marketing discipline? Maybe they have…but what are they best at?

This obscurity, coupled with the fact that many agencies will say almost anything to win new business, makes it difficult for client-side marketers to discern whether or not an agency would be a good fit for their brand.

Cut through the clutter and assess potential agency partners’ performance capabilities instantly using the following tactics…

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Why do Clients Fire Marketing Agencies?

The agency selection process is comparable to the dating process. Many suitors (the agencies) present their charm (expertise) in hopes of winning the heart (the business) of the client. But just because the business is won doesn’t mean the work is over. As a partner, the agency is required to support, communicate, provide results, and deliver on promises made. Any move outside of what is expected could cause the client to question the entire partnership.

Why do clients typically fire their marketing agency?

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