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Marketing to Marketers

Because marketers know how much of marketing revolves around providing value at every stage of the customer journey, they also know how to sniff out gimmicks. When trying to build loyalty amongst marketers, know that a campaign with robust discount/reward system or a partnership with a useful external resource will almost always outperform the flashy campaign that lacks substance. If brands want to create loyalty within this segment, the marketing strategy needs to focus on building trust through transparency, engagement, and useful content.​​​​​​​

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Cracking the Code to Social Media

In the digital age, people rely on social media as a source of news, connection, and content sharing. Social media is not just for the consumer. Businesses have joined the playing field to take advantage of the wide popularity and low barrier of entry.

Not all types of social media are a perfect fit for every business and sometimes a company should not be represented on every platform. Some businesses should not be represented on social at all. Every company is different.

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A Guide to Working Remotely

The rise of work-from-home office culture has completely disrupted people’s perception of traditional office environments. In this blog we break down the different types of work environments and how workers can assess their environment, schedule, structure, work-life balance, collaboration tools, etc. to determine their ideal setup.

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The Evolution and History of Content Marketing
Hashtag Hijacking: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It’s undeniable that hashtag hijacking is a crucial part of any brand’s social media marketing strategy. By using hashtags to participate in the conversation around current events and/or controversies, brands can humanize themselves while driving engagement and organic reach. So where is the line and what can we learn from past brands’ mistakes?

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