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Marketers Toolbox - Talkus

Talkus provides the support and attention consumers crave from customer support. Every direct external communication channel is connected to the user’s Slack so that the employee can use it as an internal communications tool in addition to responding to and communicating with website visitors.

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Marketers Toolbox - Operator Bot

Bots are meant to take the pressure off of ordinary day to day work and funnel leads more easily to sales. Website users, however, find them obnoxious and unhelpful. Operator Bot masters the low-level, repetitive tasks all the while providing exceptional customer service by answering consumers with helpful and precise solutions only when asked.

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Marketers Toolbox - Guru

Guru is a management tool that helps teams stay informed, productive, and organized. Any marketing team looking to streamline communication processes and align strategy could benefit from this tool.

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