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Erosion of Brand Trust in the Marketing Industry

Consumers have become more skeptical of brand promises since technology access has made it easy to detect a brand’s lies via social media. It takes time to develop a trusting consumer relationship by nurturing it through the customer journey, but it can take only seconds to kill that relationship and even more time to mend. 

Facebook, Amazon, and Uber are great examples of brands that have disappointed their consumers in the past few years and need to work harder to regain consumers’ trust. They are few of the many brands that have lead to a nationwide decrease in consumer trust.

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What Happened to Brand Loyalty - Is La Croix in Trouble?

La Croix was delightfully marketable, visually pleasant, affordable for young consumers, and different from it’s bubbly counterparts...until PepsiCo’s Bubly launch in February 2018. There isn’t complete evidence that one is superior to the other since preferences rely entirely on tastes. This upstart competitor brings into question whether or not the consumers’ brand loyalty is real.

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Marketing Mysteries Uncovered for Generation Z

Move over millennials, Generation Z has taken flight and, by 2020, will be half the population with 40% of the purchasing power. At the risk of falling behind, marketers must learn everything that is important about the powerful consumer that is Generation Z.

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The Evolution of Marketing: A Brief History

What brands once saw as a one-way street to push impersonal mass communications has become a consumer-driven highway comprised of highly customized, two-way communication. Marketing has evolved from primitive beginnings to modernized digital.

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