Back to Marketing Basics with Direct Mail

Direct mail was all the rage before social and digital media made for a more affordable (and accurate) customer prospecting tool.

As we navigate the Digital Age, it's hard to remember a time when we once sifted through junk mail at our homes or offices. Though times have changed, we still find ourselves sifting… this time, through spam email and questionable online ads.

Brands that have shied away from print or direct mail may have saved some money in the short-term, but now that email inboxes are far more flooded than physical mailboxes, brands may want to consider allocating at least a portion of their budgets to this age-old strategy.

Those who use direct mail are finding more success with it due to a decrease in print mail competition, and due to customers placing a higher value on tangible materials, while turning a blind eye to digital ads.

Direct mail is a great way to break through the digital overload, which your target contacts experience daily, but keep in mind that the success of a campaign is contingent upon the execution, which is why creativity is key.

Modo Modo, our new creative and branding agency, produces a wide range of deliverables for their clients, but where they really excel is in concepting and developing high-impact, dimensional mailers that they design and assemble in-house.

Strategy is a huge part of the thinking behind direct mailers. Asking questions like "What is primarily impacting their industry and/or job role?," "Why aren't they answering my phone calls?," and, most importantly "What is it they actually need?" is pertinent to creating the right campaign that's guaranteed to yield response.

Modo Modo's direct mail pieces have generated significant ROI and new business leads long after they've been sent, and the reason for this is because they are highly detailed, hyper-relevant to the individual, and intentionally thought-provoking.

Even Modo Modo's holiday mailers are ingenious!

Here are some creative direct mail pieces that defy the "junk mail" stigma without being overly gimmicky:

MDVP / MDG Advertising

Cox / Cubic Creative

BMW / Cundari

WWF / Leo Burnett Manila

Kaiser Permanente (B2B) / Behance