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Measuring Super Bowl Ad ROI is...Complicated

People will do just about anything to escape the constant barrage of advertisements shoved their way every day...that is, unless we’re talking about the Super Bowl. In fact, according to Burson-Marsteller, 53% of Americans would be disappointed if the Super Bowl went commercial-free. The combination of a live TV event that reaches over 100 million people, along with the diverse and captive nature of its audience has caused the Super Bowl’s commercials to transform into a beacon for creativity in advertising.

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Hashtag Hijacking: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It’s undeniable that hashtag hijacking is a crucial part of any brand’s social media marketing strategy. By using hashtags to participate in the conversation around current events and/or controversies, brands can humanize themselves while driving engagement and organic reach. So where is the line and what can we learn from past brands’ mistakes?

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Congrats, You Went Viral... Now What?

There's no real "blueprint" for brands to handle the onslaught of attention that a viral post, game, product, or piece of content garners…but here are some tips and real-life example of brands who somehow managed to crack the code and gain traction.

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