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Marketers Toolbox - Sprout Social VS Buffer

Buffer and Sprout Social are social media marketing and management platforms. It is important to evaluate a company’s goals and strategy before selecting a tool to manage social media efforts. This post compares the pricing, features, and user friendliness - giving a brief analysis and recommendation to marketers.

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Cracking the Code to Social Media

In the digital age, people rely on social media as a source of news, connection, and content sharing. Social media is not just for the consumer. Businesses have joined the playing field to take advantage of the wide popularity and low barrier of entry.

Not all types of social media are a perfect fit for every business and sometimes a company should not be represented on every platform. Some businesses should not be represented on social at all. Every company is different.

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48in48: At the Intersection of Passion and Purpose
AgencySparks CEO Featured on Brand Storytelling Podcast
Congrats, You Went Viral... Now What?

There's no real "blueprint" for brands to handle the onslaught of attention that a viral post, game, product, or piece of content garners…but here are some tips and real-life example of brands who somehow managed to crack the code and gain traction.

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The Evolution of Marketing: A Brief History

What brands once saw as a one-way street to push impersonal mass communications has become a consumer-driven highway comprised of highly customized, two-way communication. Marketing has evolved from primitive beginnings to modernized digital.

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