"Fully Invested" Podcast Features AgencySparks CEO - Joe Koufman

Joe Koufman, CEO of AgencySparks, was recently featured as a guest on Western Reserve Partners' "Fully Invested" podcast, hosted by David Mariano. Listen to it here:

This podcast was originally hosted on Western Reserve Partners, LLC.

The right marketing can truly drive the growth and value of your business. Working with a qualified expert can help you get a positive return on your marketing dollars. Joe Koufman, founder and CEO of AgencySparks, shares his expertise on how to find the right agency to meet your marketing needs. Whether you operate a B2B or B2C entity, you can achieve a positive marketing ROI by working with an expert.

Key questions in this episode:

  • Can all types of companies benefit from digital marketing?
  • How does a company decide what is best to do in-house and what is best to outsource?
  • When is it time to outsource a business’ marketing tasks?
  • How does a business owner go about finding the right agency?
  • What kind of marketing message resonates best?
  • How can a business ensure it is getting value for each dollar spent with an agency?
  • Is it important that the agency I choose fully understands my business and industry?
  • Which is best, a big firm with multiple services under one roof or a specialist?

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Key points in this episode:

  • How lines have blurred between traditional marketing and digital marketing
  • Best practices from a sales and marketing perspective (at 10:20)
  • BANT - Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline
  • There really is an agency for marketing need
  • Joe Koufman’s rule of thumb for deciding what marketing to do in-house vs. outsourcing (at 16:10)
  • The value of a third party perspective
  • Working on your businesses versus working in your business