The 4 'A's of Marketing to Different Personality Types

Out of the seven billion people on this Earth, no two human beings are the exact same. All people, depending on where they were raised or their personal experiences, have different factors that influence their behavior and uniqueness. Because there are countless factors contributing to their complexities, labeling humans is difficult.

Although it is impossible to completely categorize human beings entirely, there are similarities that group them. There are many ways to segment humans into groups, but grouping people by personality type can be helpful.

Understanding the four primary personality types can provide marketers with an understanding of consumer tendencies, how to reach them, and their receptivity of a campaign. Segmenting and thoroughly knowing the audience helps personalize content and create engagement and purpose with every single interaction.

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The Four A’s:

  • Amiable

  • Attentive

  • Analytical

  • Assertive


Assertive people are independent, results-driven, goal oriented and competitive - in other words - Type-A people. Part of being this persona is having a heavy focus on efficiency. If a product fails to create any value or competitive advantage, then the product is useless.

The best way to market to these consumers is to show them the company’s benefits compared to a competitor. Preparedness, professionalism, and a quick/simple pitch are imperative when winning them over. Informing them as opposed to appealing to their emotional side should increase engagement.  


Amiable consumers need the constant assurance of trust to build a client relationship. They value consistency and reliability over time. Amiable consumers are typically excited by people and new challenges and have a knack for a creative imagination, but they do not tend to act quickly and can lose interest quickly.

When marketing to them, be as exciting as possible. Act as a guide throughout the buying process and leave out unnecessary minor details. Amiable people only care for the big picture or most cutting edge trends. Let them know how this product or service can further influence their social interactions. Providing extravagant customer experiences may gain their attention. 

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Attentive consumers are expressive and care about the wellbeing of others. They are creative, outgoing, and relationship-focused like amiable consumers, but are deliberate and detailed like Assertives.

A perfect approach to cater to these highly sympathetic but fact oriented people are case studies and testimonials. These offer a more personal, trusting background backed by first-hand accounts. Use testimonial videos to focus on the positive customer features instead of any life-altering possibilities, since attentive people are resistant to change.


Unlike Attentive and Amiables who are more people-based, Analytical consumers rely on data, facts, and figures when making decisions. Like Assertive people, they appreciate deadlines and detail, but like amiable people, they are slow to making decisions. Analytical consumers tend to conduct thorough, well thought out research - making them the most logical and cautious decision makers.

Advertisements to Analyticals should be layered with content containing facts and figures. Numbers speak to them above all else.

There are four different marketing personality traits that marketers should keep their eyes on when forming marketing campaigns and writing content: Assertive/Competitive, Expressive/Humanistic, Analytical, and Amiable.

Make it a Combo

Personalities are tricky, and, because not every consumer can easily be categorized into a box, it can be important to cater to multiple audiences. Marketing to multiple personalities at once is possible - a results page for the Assertive, an easy to follow blog for the Amiable, a testimonial video for the Attentive, and a statistics report for the Analytical. Doing this, however, may risk losing the effectiveness on a certain personality. Instead, try specific cross-overs.

Best Match-ups:

  • Assertive and Attentive -

    Attentive people are both relationship and results focused and can mix well with Assertive people who are just results focused. Both personality types appreciate details and have defined expectations. The best way to reach this hybrid is a defined results page that lays out the company’s strengths externally and internally.

  • Attentive and Amiable -

    Similar to Amiable people, Attentive people are relationship oriented and sympathetic. Both are social and excited, putting the needs of others before their own. Since Amiable people have a lower attention span than Attentive, the best way to reach this mix is a testimonial video that instantly grabs attention.

  • Analytical and Assertive -

    Results are everything to both of these personality types. Include all details, statistics, and numbers to cater to this mixture. Assertives prefer information quickly as opposed to Analytical people who take the time to thoroughly research before making a decision. In order to keep them invested, be sure to find a middle ground where information is backed up by in-depth research and delivered at a reasonable time.

No matter what the marketing strategy is, it is always important to consider the audience and their preferences.

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