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What Happened to Brand Loyalty - Is La Croix in Trouble?

La Croix was delightfully marketable, visually pleasant, affordable for young consumers, and different from it’s bubbly counterparts...until PepsiCo’s Bubly launch in February 2018. There isn’t complete evidence that one is superior to the other since preferences rely entirely on tastes. This upstart competitor brings into question whether or not the consumers’ brand loyalty is real.

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Mascot, Spokesperson, or Theme? How to Bring your Marketing Stories to Life

Marketers tell stories to differentiate their brands from the competition, increase audience engagement, and to bring the brand to life. Since humans are emotional beings, consumers will, most likely, eat up a good brand story. Facts and figures will gain the consumer’s trust, but an entertaining story that moves the consumer to care about the brand leads to trust in addition to loyalty…

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The Evolving Pitch Process - Why Brands Should Approach Agency Selection Differently

Finding “the one” is stressful, time consuming, and, to be honest, extremely hard. A romantic relationship is not exactly congruent to an agency-client relationship, but there is something to be said about agency selection and the evolving pitch process...

No need for romantic gestures with boomboxes, dance numbers, or flowers, but a sit-down conversation where the agency can interview the brand and the brand can interview the agency.

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Event Recap: SPARKsouth 2016
AgencySparks Cohosting the SPARKsouth Conference