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Marketers Toolbox - Talkus

Talkus provides the support and attention consumers crave from customer support. Every direct external communication channel is connected to the user’s Slack so that the employee can use it as an internal communications tool in addition to responding to and communicating with website visitors.

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Marketing Mysteries Uncovered for Generation Z

Move over millennials, Generation Z has taken flight and, by 2020, will be half the population with 40% of the purchasing power. At the risk of falling behind, marketers must learn everything that is important about the powerful consumer that is Generation Z.

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#MarketersBreakfast - Creating Fantastic Customer Experiences

AgencySparks is dedicated to bringing together marketers at established brands and top marketing agencies. Each quarter, AgencySparks hosts a #MarketersBreakfast that not only facilitates mixing and mingling but explores a topic that is intriguing to senior marketers.

The Global Director of Digital Product Strategy & Experience Design, from InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) began the discussion by sharing insights from her 15 years focusing on exceeding customer expectations. Here are some tips…

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The Context of Mobile

Mobile has become ubiquitous and is dominating the consumer’s life and the marketplace. With such a powerful device in the palm of all of our hands, marketers need to leverage mobile to reach consumers. To be successful, marketers must optimize the mobile experience to fit the context of the usage of the device and user preferences. Here is how they can start…

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