AgencySparks CEO Featured on Brand Storytelling Podcast

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This past Wednesday, AgencySparks’ CEO Joe Koufman joined Rakhal Ebeli, CEO of Newsmodo and host of their Brand Storytelling Podcast

The podcast was titled “How to Define What Makes the Perfect Marketer,” and it answered important questions, such as:

  • What personality traits should a marketer have? 
  • What kind of experience translates well into a marketing career?
  • Is there a typical career path for a marketer
  • How can a marketer determine whether emerging technologies are right for their brand? 
  • Where do marketers most commonly make mistakes in their tactical approach? 

Though the topic of the interview was centered on what makes “the perfect marketer,” Ebeli also discussed Joe’s past experiences, why he started AgencySparks, and how the AgencySparks team takes a holistic approach to marketing tactics. To illustrate the point, Joe cited AgencySparks’ “Perfect Match” Valentine’s Day campaign which included elements of direct mail marketing, social media marketing, paid search, video marketing, and concluded with a “speed dating-themed” networking event.


Listen to “How to Define What Makes the Perfect Marketer” here:

Special thanks to Rakhal Ebeli and Newsmodo for the opportunity to be on the Brand Storytelling Podcast!


Show Preview: 

Rakhal Ebeli: "I love the way that you've been able to use cross-platform technology, as well as bringing it into real life. You're able to capture the imagination, and essentially those leads through the content, and then bring it across to something more personal at an event. Events are becoming more and more a part of the experience, that online experience, that challenge to actually commit to another person, or in this case another agency, whether it be a relationship for business or pleasure. What was the ultimate outcome of that content marketing case study for your business?"

Joe Koufman: "We had 19 specific requests from a client to connect with one of the agencies that we work with. Ultimately, that was the largest goal, was to make connections between brands and agencies, and that was quite successful. By having marketers fill out the form online, that kicks them into marketing automation as well. We were able to then nurture those leads over time, and create relationships that could be much longer lasting than just Valentine's Day."

Rakhal: "What do you think the learnings for our listeners around content marketing and brand storytelling were from that? You clearly had a really clear direction, a theme to the storyline that you pulled through from the video to the communication, to the invitations, to the live experience, in it was that matchmaking play on words. What would you say, more broadly, are the takeouts for our listeners?"

Joe: "I think we all are in the content creation business these days, but also content curation can be equally as powerful, and certainly a lot less work than creating content from scratch. For example, that weekly marketer's toolbox that we publish, we're constantly on the hunt for the next set of tools. Marketers really appreciate getting that content regardless of whether we created it, or just curated it. We like to mix content curation and content creation together for the ultimate ... Also, as you mentioned, multi-channel.

"We're not just thinking about our blog, we're not just thinking about our emails and marketing automation, we're thinking about social, we're thinking about in-person events, it's the whole combination. I think that the new marketing ecosystem can be very, very confusing, and so my advice for marketers would be pick one thing, do it really well, start with that, do it really well, and then expand from there. Don't try to boil the entire ocean."