Marketers Toolbox - Crello

What is Crello?

Crello is a tool for marketers to create customized and exciting animated content for social media.

Why is this tool helpful?

People engage with and click on what draws the eye. A motion graphic stands apart from typical, boring content. This tool allows the user to draw customers in by creating fresh and fun content. Without spending more money and wasting resources to outsource, users can feel like a professional designer by creating good, animated content.

Crello has a selection of design templates to choose from for social media marketers and social media managers to upgrade and advance their social content. 

How is it used?

Users are given a collection of designs and templates to choose from and customize. The user then modifies it to their liking and shares it on their chosen channels.

Who would benefit from using Crello?

Any employee, marketer, social media manager, or user who may not have design experience but wishes to spice up their social media account content by making it more captivating.


All animated design templates are free, but special features and certain designs can be purchased for $0.99 a piece.