Marketers Toolbox - UberConference

What is UberConference?

UberConference is a conference calling tool.

Why is this tool helpful?

UberConference is a simple way to invite clients to a conference call with a quality connection and no pin required. It is a more productive and efficient way to contact clients because registration is easy and downloads are not necessary. Most users are likely to recommend this tool to others and overall reviews are positive.

Read detailed reviews from users who rated the pros and cons of this tool to determine if it is right for you.

How is it used?

To register is fast and easy. The invitation sent to the client does not require a pin. Features include chat/messaging, presentation streaming, record and playback ability, video streaming, and two-way audio and video. UberConference makes it easier to share and join calls.

These are among the many features offered by UberConference.

Who would benefit from using UberConference?

Anyone who has a remote team, people out of the office, or the need to call clients nonstop.


There is a free option, but there are more features offered if upgraded.

Pricing options for UberConference.