Marketers Toolbox - Operator Bot

What is Operator Bot?

Operator Bot is a smart bot that identifies and provides support to website customers in order to find leads and increase sales.

Why is this tool helpful?

Bots are meant to take the pressure off of ordinary day to day work and funnel leads more easily to sales. Website users, however, find them obnoxious and unhelpful. Operator Bot masters the low-level, repetitive tasks all the while providing exceptional customer service by answering consumers with helpful and precise solutions only when asked.

How is it used?

Operator Bot provides help articles related to the user’s issue/need and updates the consumer with team availability times. Once the bot answers a user’s question, it disappears as to not annoy the visitor any further. Operator Bot collects the contact information and qualifies and sorts leads into Salesforce. The tool is also constantly collecting feedback and ratings from users to improve it’s offerings.

Who would benefit from using this tool?

Any company with a website. Products or services that are particularly difficult to understand may benefit from this tool because of the manpower required to deal with constant traffic.


Operator Bot is free with the purchase of Intercom’s customer support solution. Provide Operator Bot with an email, set up an account and get a 14 day trial.

Operator Bot is a customer service bot that helps brands track, qualify, and generate sales leads. It offers a free 14 day trial. 

Funnily enough, without engaging with Intercom’s bot, it kept popping up while searching the site.