Marketers Toolbox - Guru

What is Guru?

Guru is a management tool that helps teams stay informed, productive, and organized.

Why is this tool helpful?

Team members can add and learn company details through a web browser. This knowledge management solution creates a “single source of truth,” storing a company’s processes, templates, and information in one base. This leads to easier internal communication in addition to external communication with customers - customer support, account management, etc. is ready to search for and answer questions in incredible detail.

Guru helps team members share data and updates with one another, thus increasing productivity by cutting down the time it takes to find current, up-to-date documents. It smoothly integrates with Slack and makes overall team processes easier.

How is it used?

Guru offers marketing-specific features that assess current marketing content and finds opportunities in the buyer’s journey to inform and instill confidence in the sales reps. Guru gives marketers more control over their analytics and marketing assets to understand their content performance and consumer behavior. With Guru, marketers are better able to communicate and analyze their current marketing strategy performance and identify trends and gaps to adjust accordingly.

The ability to easily segment sales and marketing knowledge throughout a team organizes company information and optimizes the sales reps time with the consumer.

Who would benefit from using this tool?

Anyone with a marketing or sales department who is looking to streamline communication and align strategy.


There is a three week free trial for this tool but several pricing options for different features.

Marketing knowledge management solution tool "Guru" pricing options to streamline team communication.