Marketers Toolbox - Talkus

What is Talkus?

Talkus is a help desk platform that allows users to provide real-time customer support through their Slack channel.

Why is this tool helpful?

Talkus provides the support and attention consumers crave from customer support. Every direct external communication channel is connected to the user’s Slack so that they can use it as an internal communications tool in addition to responding to and communicating with website visitors. This makes the customer feel noticed and appreciated which may lead to an increase in sales. Utilizing one application keeps employees more productive and focused.

How is it used?

The multi-channel support connects employees and website visitors via live chat, phone, text, email, and social media. Additional features include automated routing, document storage, IT asset management, knowledge base management, self service portal, and ticket/issue tracking. This tool is also customizable so that brands can include their own brand voice, custom communication channels, chat layout, and buttons.

Who would benefit from using this tool?

Any company that is in constant contact with their consumers and wants to provide real-time, excellent customer service.


There is a free trial, but additional features are offered depending on the pricing plan.

Talkus is an extended offering of Slack that allows employees to provide real-time customer service. The additional features offered depend on the pricing plan.