Marketers Toolbox - LeadQuizzes

What is LeadQuizzes?

LeadQuizzes is a lead generation tool.

Why is this tool helpful?

With all of the noise consumers encounter, it is becoming more difficult for marketers to grasp the consumers’ attention. The creators of LeadQuizzes noticed that consumers enjoy engaging in fun quizzes and created a tool that captures the consumers’ attention all the while gathering data for the marketer.

How is it used?

LeadQuizzes offers quiz templates, customization capabilities, split testing, and analytical reporting. After the consumer takes the quiz and enters their email for results, the marketer collects a list of emails. This helps generate leads and data about the target audience. Marketers can then not only target certain consumers, but they can do so with personalized content.

Who would benefit from using LeadQuizzes?

Marketers who need to generate leads and gather data on their consumers.


There is a free 14-day trial and several plans. Each plan includes templates, lead capture, image answers, lead notification, URL redirect, and embed/WB plugin.

The different pricing plans LeadQuizzes offers.