Marketers Toolbox - Undeck

What is Undeck?

Undeck is a platform for marketers to access free resources to build an appealing pitch deck.

Why is this tool helpful?

Between nailing down the strategy and formulating an execution plan within the parameters of the client’s needs and budget, marketers may be stretched thin when preparing a pitch deck. Undeck, however, simplifies that process by providing creative designs that will give the deck a certain look and feel. The right layout can really impact or influence an audience.

How is it used?

Users subscribe to the email list to gain access to Undeck’s “freebies” - this includes access to the available tools’ resources. People who want to contribute their creative work to the site can also sign up to be a part of the “community.”

Who would benefit from using this tool?

Anyone preparing a pitch, particularly those who lack the resources to implement creative designs, could benefit from this tool. Undeck is a useful resource for designing projects that aren’t pitch decks. Since it gives the user access to a plethora of different designs, designers could use the downloaded graphics in other content.


This tool is free to use.