Marketers Toolbox - Winmo

What is Winmo?

Winmo is a sales intelligence solution that helps users connect and engage with brand and agency decision makers by collecting in-depth profiles and contact information.

Why is this tool helpful?

Getting in front of key marketing decision makers who make all the calls is a difficult and time consuming task. Winmo streamlines that process for the sales team by creating opportunities to connect the user with the desired prospect.

Winmo also offers a social network community called WinmoTalks where thousands of business development professionals from a range of industries and experiences congregate for advice, insider tips, and insights.

Winmo is a crucial tool for the AgencySparks team to identify the right marketing prospects for our agency partners. There is not another resource that easily delivers targeted contact searches and sales predictions. I highly recommend Winmo for any agency or publisher needing to reach marketing decision-makers at the right time.
— Joe Koufman, CEO at AgencySparks

How is it used?

Researchers (not bots) are constantly searching to identify new and qualified leads to populate the database for users. Using Winmo’s Targeted Contact Search feature, users identify key prospects with advanced filters which isolates ideal candidate contact information for users to organize.

The Sales Prediction feature notifies users when prospects are changing roles, struggling with business, launching products, gaining and shifting funding, and expanding into new markets - allowing for more proactive and compeititve prospecting.

Winmo acts as a partner to users by alerting them when their ideal prospect has an update. This helpful tool also recognizes targeting behavior and, based on that, makes recommendations for prospects.

Who would benefit from using this tool?

Winmo can help agencies who have trouble generating business or want to keep a constant flow of business opportunities coming. It also helps people in media sales and MarTech. This tool is easy to add into a marketer’s toolbox since it integrates with popular tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Adbeat,, SEMRush, StatSocial, Crystal Knows, and Hookit.


A team can request a trial run or choose a pricing option that offers different features.

Winmo offers 3 pricing options depending on the size and need of your company.