Marketers Toolbox - BriteVerify

What is BriteVerify?

BriteVerify validates emails on lists in order to convert more consumers, improve email marketing return on investment (ROI), and inbox deliver-ability.  

Why is this tool helpful?

Most online sales start and end with email. Unfortunately, most email addresses on marketing lists are fake. This tool eliminates fake or trap emails. In turn, the user’s messages are not marked as spam, thus building credibility and increasing conversions.   

How is it used?

Without sending a message, BriteVerify verifies if an email is authentic. The Email Verification API is easily added to web forms, landing pages, and basically anywhere the user is collecting customer data to instantly validate the collected information. The API assesses the email syntax, domain, and server in order to determine if the email can be trusted.

Who would benefit from using BriteVerify?

Any marketer collecting lists for sales outreach or customer conversion.


The cost is one cent per verification.

BriteVerify pricing options are one cent per email verification.