Questions Brands Should Answer Before Selecting A Marketing Agency

Here at AgencySparks we think a lot about how brands and agencies connect with each other and subsequently work together.

Before we make connections for brands/clients with potential agency partners, we like to understand the brand needs.

There are questions that, on the surface, would seem to be serving the agency… but by answering them, the client can ensure that their needs are better met (and better prepare themselves for their next RFP process!):


  • Has the project been budgeted? What is the budget range?


  • Who on your team will be involved in the selection of the agency?


  • What is the nature of the project for which you need help?

  • What is the business driver that caused this project to be considered?


  • When are you looking to launch and complete the project?

  • Are there factors that could affect the timing of the project?

In addition to these key questions, we like to ask about desired outcomes, past agency relationships, and the selection process.

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Answering these questions results in a better match with the right agency which ultimately helps solve the marketing challenges. We're just matching all the pieces to make the perfect puzzle. 

The agency selection process- How to find a marketing agency


The Complete Guide to Finding a Marketing Agency

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