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Over the past few years, podcasts have become all the rage. Everyone and their mother might as well have one. The popularity and exposure is exactly why some brands may benefit from adding podcasts to their content marketing. Podcasts allow users to share their expertise, form connections with guests to expand their network, add personality and actual “brand voice” to a brand, and offer a convenient form of media to followers. If a podcast is high quality, offering value to the listener, and marketed well, it will be successful.

AgencySparks selected a few tools that may come in handy when planning, recording, editing, and publishing a marketing podcast.


Audacity is a free audio recording tool that anyone can use. The tool is a cross-platform software available on Windows, Mac, and other operating systems and offers easy-to-use editing, cutting, and recording features. Users can record with a microphone or mixer and import recordings to the platform. Audacity supports 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit, ensuring high quality recordings. This tool is helpful for beginner and seasoned podcasters.

Audacity is a podcast tool used for editing high-quality recordings.


SoundCloud is a well-known recording tool popular among creators, podcasters, and musicians. Millions of listeners tune in daily to the site, giving users more exposure and a wider reach. Users upload their content and track activity through insights. The tool integrates with all major social networks so users can interact, share, and engage with followers.



Inviting guests to speak on a podcast is a great way to diversify content, expand a network, and obtain expert opinions on marketing subjects. Calendly is an easy-to-use tool that makes coordinating schedules simple and quick. Calendly is useful for scheduling all types of meetings and integrates with Chrome, Zoom, Salesforce, Zapier, and many more. The Basic feature is free, but users can upgrade for additional features for up to $12/month.



Zencastr allows users to record high quality interview-style podcasts with remote guests. This tool is perfect for marketers who want to host experts on their podcasts without inconveniencing the guest’s day-to-day life. Zencastr records the audio separately and uploads it to the user’s Dropbox. The user can then enhance audio mixing through post-production. Additionally, Zencastr accounts for bad connections and recording mishaps by offering a backup storage plan and connection fallback plan. Providing a high quality and engaging podcast will lead to returning listeners and loyal followers.



Anchor offers users unlimited episodes and high-quality recording tools for free. Brands can utilize this podcast tool to to establish their brand, enhance their credibility, and create more creative content. Users can manage recorded episodes, easily transcribe and post recordings on social channels, engage with listeners, distribute recordings to major platforms like Apple Podcasts and Google Play Music, and track episode success with the analytical features. Listeners can record one minute messages to play during the recording or could interact in real-time with the “applauding” feature. Anchor users can join even if they already have an existing podcast.


After organizing, recording, and editing the podcast, be sure to create awesome visual content to promote it. These free graphic design tools should help:

Then advertise the podcast using social media marketing tools to expand the reach and engagement of listeners.