Marketers Toolbox - DrawKit

What is DrawKit?

DrawKit is a tool that provides users with a collection of free illustrations to design and create content.

Why is this tool helpful?

DrawKit allows users to easily access and customize a selection of illustrations to benefit and enhance their business efforts. Whether the user is a seasoned designer or a newcomer, users can find immense value in utilizing this tool for infographic visuals, explainer videos, or graphic designs. DrawKit gives users additional tools to captivate their audience and visually tell their story.

How is it used?

The user can pay for packages or select a collection of free illustrations in multiple categories that can be customized and help bring websites, apps, and projects to life. Illustrations come in editable SVG files that can be exported in any size.

Who would benefit from using this tool?

Startups or small to midsize companies would benefit from having this tool. The illustrations are visually compelling and simple, but have a particular style that would have to be consistent to the user’s.


Users can use this tool for free to access two styles. Packs offer 20 illustrations in a range of styles. The Kits are the most expensive packages, but allows users to create over 100 illustrations mixing and matching pieces together.