#MarketersBreakfast: A Speed-Dating Valentine's Spectacular

Valentine’s Day is a time for people to show their utmost appreciation and gratitude to their significant other.

For AgencySparks, Valentine’s Day is the greatest day of the year, so we shared it with the people we love most - senior brand marketers and agency partners. As connectors of client-side marketers and agencies, it was our duty to provide as many connections as possible on the gushiest day of the year.

AgencySparks hosted the most successful breakfast to date with over 40 client-side marketers in attendance, some of which included representatives from brands like Turner Broadcasting, Coca-Cola, Aaron’s, Cox Communications, and numerous others. We also welcomed some first-time attendees to the mix from brands like Rheem, McAlister's Deli, and Royal Oak Enterprises.

Valentine’s Day morning, marketers entered the Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center in Atlanta ready to network their hearts out at our ever-popular speed-dating #MarketersBreakfast event.

AgencySparks has spent the last five years connecting agencies and brands, but now we also connect job seekers and job providers. We aim to be the go-to educational resource for marketers. In order do that, we need to listen to the needs and main concerns of clients in the agency-client relationship.

This year, members of the AgencySparks team also participated in the event, traveling from room to room to explore the various challenges client-side marketing leaders are facing in 2019...and to see how AgencySparks can help with those challenges! We shared many of the marketing resources we’ve created for marketers in the past, like the “Complete Guide to Finding a Marketing Agency,” the RFP Toolkit, and the newly-released Agency Scorecard, while brainstorming more content ideas and resources for 2019.

AgencySparks’ agency partners shuffled from room to room to meet with brand leaders, each stationed in uniquely-themed rooms (shown slide show). The format allowed brand marketers to connect with and learn from one another over the course of the morning.

Marketers expressed frustrations with being stuck with their current agencies, teaching their marketing team how to communicate with agency partners, and getting support from other members of the c-suite.

It’s great being able to talk to other senior marketers in our industry. AgencySparks does a great job figuring out the best ways to start meaningful conversations that lead to long-standing relationships. This last event was no exception. ‘Speed dating’ with a bunch of marketers for brands in Atlanta is a great way to keep our ears to the ground on what is going on from the brand side in our industry.
— Tom Ellis | CEO of Swarm Agency

Each time AgencySparks hosts an event at the inspiring, creative Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center space, we make a donation to help fund minority scholarships.

AgencySparks hosts quarterly breakfasts with marketing professionals throughout the year. If you would like to see recaps of past events, click here. If you are a marketing agency interested in joining the matchmaking business with AgencySparks, please contact us.

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