Marketers Toolbox - Delighted

What is Delighted?

Delighted is a customer survey platform that helps users track and improve customer experiences.

Why is this tool helpful?

Companies who track their Net Performance Score (NPS) and measure success based on the client’s input are more likely to improve and increase customer satisfaction. Surveys are a great tool to listen to the customer’s needs and provide the quantitative metrics to leverage change within a company.

How is it used?

Delighted offers a variety of intuitive, user-friendly surveys - NPS surveys to gauge the loyalty of consumers, CSAT surveys to measure consumer satisfaction at every touchpoint and improve where necessary, CES surveys to record the effectiveness of interactions with customers, and visual surveys to provide a familiar and quick survey option to busy consumers. Surveys, in general, are extremely beneficial because they give consumers a voice and are a transparent method to tell the company what they need to hear.

Delighted’s automated and multi-channel delivery settings allows users to send surveys at different points in the customer journey via email, link, SMS, or website. With the real-time analytics Delighted provides, companies can close gaps and improve on efforts to enhance the customer experience quickly and more efficiently.

This tool integrates with Zendesk, Stripe, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Webhooks.

Who would benefit from using this tool?

Any company providing customer service could benefit from using a survey tool. If not this tool, companies should engage in conversation with consumers through other means to produce the best outcome for their consumers.


Using one platform to survey 100 people costs $0. Other pricing options vary depending on the number of platforms and people surveyed.

Delighted offers a variety of pricing options depending on the need and number of people surveyed.