Marketers Toolbox - Gmelius

What is Gmelius?

Gmelius is a customer relationship management (CRM) system available on Google Chrome that manages projects and tasks.

Why is this tool helpful?

Gmelius simplifies processes by offering task management and collaborative features to teams in one app - Gmail. By streamlining and automating communication processes, teams can optimize outreach campaigns.

How is it used?

This tool seamlessly integrates with the user’s Gmail and offers an abundance of useful automation, collaboration, and security features. Gmelius makes email easier by supplying email tracking to track a recipient’s click behavior, email delegation to assign team members to conversations, email scheduling to schedule outreach sequences, email templates to personalize and collaborate on messages, email stamping to prevent forgery, and multiple other features that help organize, assign, and log conversations, tasks, to-do lists, and notes.

Who would benefit from using this tool?

Any business looking to improve their lead generation or focusing on a more collaborative and organized outreach process would benefit from this tool. This tool could also benefit teams who want their project management information to exist on one platform.


Teams can book a demo of this service, but there are several pricing options.

Gmelius offers multiple pricing options.