Marketers Toolbox - Coverr

What is Coverr?

Coverr offers users high-quality videos for website homepages and commercial purposes.

Why is this tool helpful?

Video is increasingly more popular and preferred to audiences. A video brings stories to life and leaps out of the page, catching the consumer’s attention. Adding video to a website may make it more captivating and professional-looking.  

How is it used?

Coverr offers a variety of free videos in different categories that the user can download and upload to their website, using the snippet codes provided.

Who would benefit from using this tool?

Startups, small to midsize companies, or nonprofit organizations could benefit from this tool. This tool is primarily for those who do not have the tools to film a high quality video themselves and need to develop/update their website to be more engaging, but it could be used by anyone.


This tool is free, but the user should read the License policy before use.