Marketers Toolbox - SERPstash

What is SERPstash?

SERPstash is a search engine optimization (SEO) resource for entrepreneurs looking to improve their search rankings in a simple and inexpensive manner.

Why is this tool helpful?

SEO often operates in mysterious ways - so much so that it can be immensely difficult for sites to even brush Google’s first page. SERPstash helps users improve their current processes by providing users with a SEO toolkit that analyzes competitors, identifies vital keywords, and audits the site.

How is it used?

SERPstash provides a toolkit that makes keyword, backlink, and competitor research easy. It helps assess the user’s current search rankings compared to their competitors, provides a list of quality websites for backlinks, and runs tests to help improve site speed and structure.

Who would benefit from using this tool?

Start-ups trying to get a leg up on search rankings could benefit from this tool since the tools are more on the simple and inexpensive side.


SERPstash offers a free and a premium package. The premium package offers more in-depth features and is $9.99/month.

SERPstash offers a free option with limited SEO ranking and research features and a Premium feature with all of the tools.