#MarketersToolbox - For the Effective Marketing Team

Over the past few years, AgencySparks has collected and reviewed marketing tools in a number of categories. From tools that help benefit social media efforts to tools that increase productivity, AgencySparks is on the case to help improve your life as a marketer!

Collaborating and communicating across different departments (or within the same department) for approvals, meetings, or ideas can be a challenge. There are several tools that can simplify the communication process to connect and create effective teams.


The communicator of all communicators. Slack simplifies communication across companies by acting as a central source for conversations. Instead of countless, hard-to-find emails, messages are separated by topic-based channels and information is quickly accessible. Slack easily integrates with any company because it integrates with all sorts of essential tools including, but not limited to, Google Drive, Salesforce, Obie, Asana and countless others. Pricing options and features vary for Slack, but smaller teams can access a plan for an unlimited time for free. Slack is essential for any team of any size.



Slite is an organizational note tool for internal teams of all company sizes. Slite acts as a “company’s wiki” or Google Drive by storing all of a company’s information. From templates on stand-up meetings to product specs, Slite helps companies formulize processes, distribute, and provide feedback across teams and the organization. This tool has a free plan in addition to the paid package and integrates with Slack, Google Calendar, Trello, Asana, and GitHub.



Dashlane is a password manager that organizes, stores, and protects passwords to any site. If a team manager needs to give access to a site but does not want to disclose personal password information, they can grant the team member access to their account through Dashlane. This eases processes and avoids unnecessary conversations that waste time. There is a free plan that manages up to 50 passwords, but additional plans with more features cost extra.  



Geckoboard helps motivate teams to be more efficient and productive by visualizing the company’s key performance indicators (KPIs). Geckoboard is easy to use for any sized team, but it particularly useful for small businesses as an extension of the team’s metric monitoring. Prices vary depending on the package and the tool integrates with several programs like Google Analytics, Salesforce, Mixpanel, etc.


Google Calendar

Completely free, accessible, and necessary for any company who needs to schedule and prioritize meetings and tasks effectively across teams. Google Calendar integrates with most tools including Calendly - an organizational tool that helps users schedule meetings internally and externally based on their availability.


A good team is not effective unless it is managed well. Check out these project management tools that help teams coordinate on tasks and increase productivity.