What to Do When You're Stuck with a Marketing Agency Infographic

Collaborative partnerships are built on trust, communication, reasonable expectations, and shared goals. However, if you have exhausted all of your options and still feel stuck with your agency partner, you need to do something about it. 

There are plenty of reasons why a brand would stay with their agency partner. If you are a client-side marketer that is unhappy with your current agency partner, use these tips to approach communicating and evaluating the business partnership.

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The Different Types of Marketing Agencies Infographic

There are a number of paths a marketing executive can take when determining who and what will guide a marketing strategy. Choosing a marketing agency partner can depend on multiple variables including team capacity, capability, and situation. Though the rapid growth and evolution of marketing has blurred the lines of different “agency” types, it's still helpful to note the key differences between them.

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Finding Your First Marketing Agency Infographic

A marketing agency won’t solve every single problem, but they can offer the resources, band-width, and knowledge to help a small business fill gaps or take their work to the next level. The cost of hiring, onboarding, and paying benefits for a new employee may outweigh the cost of an agency.

Hiring a marketing agency for the first time can be a daunting task - but clients who know how to play their part in the agency-client relationship can see real rewards from working with an agency.

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RFP vs. RFI | Request for Proposal vs. Request for Information

An RFP (Request for Proposal) is often confused with an RFI (Request for Information) - but the two are fundamentally different. What is the difference between an RFP and an RFI? It comes down to four key areas: Purpose, Focus, Timing, and Response. The purpose of an RFP is to select a vendor whereas the purpose of an RFI is to create a pool of qualified vendors. The Focus of an RFP is more defined, whereas an RFI is broad and often topical. The timing of an RFP occurs later on in the procurement cycle than an RFI. Lastly, the response for an RFP is much more detailed and customized than for an RFI. Learn more about RFPs at AgencySparks.com/RFP.

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5 Tips to Prepare Marketers for an Annual Performance Review Infographic

Whether you are a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), a content marketing manager, or social media specialist, you are going to have an annual review with your superior.

An annual performance review is an opportunity for self reflection and professional development: Are you meant for this job? Are you meant for this company? Are you meeting expectations? Are you exceeding them?

Before you walk in those doors, how can you best prepare for your performance evaluation?

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The Challenger Sale: Advice for Clients and Agencies Infographic

Clients frequently express an appreciation for an agency with conviction. There is potential for serious growth when agencies have the backbone to support their ideas and challenge the client’s original plan. If there is not a healthy back and forth, the client could stagnate and the agency may never showcase their true capabilities to benefit the client.

Agencies need to become challengers in order to offer their client’s the best solutions.

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