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The Powerful Marketing Superhero Within You Infographic

The Dark Knight, Black Panther, The Justice League, The Avengers. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. They do not always wear a cape or a mask, but, instead, dedicate their time to making a difference.

By advertising for helpful products and services, marketers aim to improve the lives of their target consumers. Marketers, in one way or another, are heroes.

What are some of super powers these marketing heroes possess?

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CRM 101 Infographic

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM systems have become an integral part of every business, big or small. A CRM system keeps a 360 degree overview of each customer in order to serve them relevant information, all while taking into account their previous interactions. It optimizes communication, helps with lead generation, drives higher ROI, and improves efficiency by saving both time and money. Evaluate the lifetime value of customers, while enhancing their overall experience all at once.

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