Marketers Toolbox -

What is is a project management tool that focuses on improving team collaboration.

Why is this tool helpful? helps teams take control of their processes by syncing all their information, assigning accountability, streamlining accountability, and tracking completion.

How is it used?’s Board lists all projects and tasks - making it easier for team members to stay on task and managers to quickly monitor and track task completion. Users can collaborate on tasks and use Stories to share best practices and templates. The history record collects and organizes related projects to identify and look back on easily.

This tool also integrates with Dropbox, Zapier, Google Drive and other management tools. In addition to integrations, comes with API access for developers to custom code integrations.

Who would benefit from using this tool?

Teams that need help scheduling, completing, and tracking projects would benefit from using The interface is simple and friendly to users and includes a mobile version.


The features and pricing depends on the number of users and pricing plan selected.

Monday Project Management and collaboration tool for marketing teams pricing and features.