Marketers Toolbox - Geckoboard

What is Geckoboard?

Geckoboard is a business dashboard that visualizes gathered data and updates companies with their key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics in real-time.

Why is this tool helpful?

The Geckboard dashboard is customizable and displays integrated metrics. 

Geckoboard’s user-friendly, customizable dashboard made up of comprehensive data pulled from third party apps makes it easier for teams to track goals, align processes, and analyze progress. This tool allows companies to monitor product and company success and respond to efforts in real-time. Access to numerical data eases internal affairs, decision making, and communication when reporting to stakeholders.

How is it used?

Geckoboard can integrate with several programs like Google Analytics, Salesforce, Mixpanel, etc. Focus or emphasize certain metrics on the customizable dashboard in the form of charts, graphs, or percentages and display the results in the office. Dashboards can be shared securely with links or shared with colleagues for editing.

Who would benefit from using this tool?

This tool’s easy-to-use features makes it beneficial for small businesses or new website management users. This review emphasizes that even though the Geckoboard is a useful, comprehensive tool, it should be used as an extension as opposed to the only source for metric monitoring. 


The trial is free for 30 days, but there are pricing options with additional features available.

Pricing options for the business dashboard Geckoboard - which helps align teams by tracking kpis and important metrics.