Marketers Toolbox: Unbounce

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If you're looking for higher conversions, easily measurable success, and an A+ landing page, Unbounce is one of the only tools available that offers an easy way to design, build, and test landing pages without a developer.

No need to learn HTML –– the drag-and-drop builder doesn't require coding, and allows users to publish landing page in just one click! Unbounce has a database of more than 200+ landing page templates divided into categories for easy browsing, 85 of which are mobile responsive, which makes creating landing pages easily customizable.

Unbounce also offers parallax scrolling, SSL encryption, and the ability to send or be alerted with the leads you generate straight to your sales team or email software.

Another perk of Unbounce is the integration it has with many other tools such as Salesforce, WordPress, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Google Analytics, and more.

One of the most unique features is the Dynamic Text Replacement, which swaps out landing page keywords based on how they match up with each visitor's Google searches. Learn more about how this works by watching the video on their features page.

Have multiple clients or users that will be involved? No problem. Client's landing pages, billing, and domains can be separated and individually customized, and users can be given access based on their role so that only those who need to edit can, while others can simply view the landing page in order to provide feedback.

Another way to appeal to potential customers is through Unbounce's use of A/B testing, which allows for trial and error to see what works best before you launch a full campaign, thus minimizing costs. Built-in real-time statistics, as well as the ability to link Google Analytics tracking onto the dashboard, help speed up the testing process as well.

There are four plans to choose from –– the Starter plan is for new businesses and entrepreneurs at $49/month, and drives up to 5,000 visitors per month to your landing pages. The Pro 99 plan is for users who want to reach 25,000 visitors each month, and includes professional integrations and dynamic text replacement for $99/month. Check out more pricing info here.

Try a free 30-day trial of any of the plans to see which one you will like the most.

Unbounce offers plenty of online materials to help you get started: Unbounce AcademyEcourses, examples of great landing pages built with the software, as well as other resources like solutions for creating a landing page in 10 minutes, and their Unbounce conference.


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