The Ultimate Onboarding Guide for a New Agency

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You have selected a marketing agency, congrats! We envision everyone is enthusiastic with the start of a new project and ideas are probably flying everywhere. However, it’s in this stage where the biggest mistakes are made. Mistakes like: receiving the finished result and realizing that what the agency has done and what you thought they were doing were two different things. This is why agency onboarding process is a vital part of nurturing your agency/client relationship and ensuring you're both on the same page.

To stay on the same page with their agencies, brands should answer these questions.

Evolving the pitch process to assess the brand's compatibility with and the capabilities of the agency should also lend to a more successful agency-client relationship. 

A kickoff meeting helps both parties get an inside glimpse of how each one works, it helps to manage your expectations, maps a path for the agency to follow, and it enables the agency to demonstrate value early on. This helps everyone understand what they have to do next and it leaves you feeling confident that you've made the right decision. Avoid messy "break-ups" with agencies by getting it right the first time. 

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The infographic below details the process for managing, onboarding, and running a successful agency kickoff meeting: 

agency onboarding