Marketer’s Step-By-Step Guide to Hiring an Agency

Both new and seasoned marketers have asked AgencySparks for guidance with hiring a marketing agency, so we developed a newsletter series to address this challenging process.

Here’s a step-by-step summary of our newsletter series:

Take our quiz to determine whether you will benefit more from hiring a marketing specialist, or a full-service generalist. Areas that will factor into your decision are: budget, competitors, company size, and overall marketing goals.

We’ve prepared a few sample questions you should ask yourself and your team to help you understand the opportunity costs of hiring an agency. This process can get hairy, but asking these questions upfront can give you critical peace of mind.

These are some good pre-qualification questions to ask potential partners. Why put a long list of agencies through a tedious RFP process if you have the option to ask some simple questions before you waste anyone’s time?

Realistically, you may not know what exactly you want/need from an agency at this stage in the game, but these questions will get the “easy stuff” out of the way and narrow your search so you’re only considering agencies that are a perfect fit for your brand/company.

Now that you’ve done your homework and asked LOTS of questions of yourself, your team, and potential agency partners, it’s finally time to conduct the review! Here, we’ve provided a few templates to get you started.

You’ve selected the perfect agency. Yay! You want to make sure the process of onboarding them is as seamless as possible –– here’s a great guide to help you do that.