Agency Scorecard | Template for Agency Evaluation

This is a way to level set and compare apples to apples and take the bias out of evaluation and decision making. That’s always the challenge.
— VP of Marketing, Popular Fast Food Chain

An effective performance appraisal process for your advertising agency partners is essential to ensuring a long-term fit for your business’ marketing goals. When designing this scorecard, Setup partnered with major brands - combining their actual scorecards/corporate policies for both selection and evaluation with our extensive experience working within the agency-client relationship - to create the most comprehensive marketing agency scorecard template.

This scorecard was created in the format of an interactive workbook to guide brands through the important agency performance evaluation process.

Template For agency performance evaluation

Agency Evaluation Scorecard

This agency performance assessment tool guides decision-makers through the performance appraisal process.

Evaluate your agency roster based on:

  • Creative

  • Innovativeness

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Collaboration

  • Strategy


AgencySparks can help your brand or business find a marketing company across any discipline:

  • Influencer marketing

  • Digital strategy

  • Content creation / content marketing

  • Full-service digital marketing agency

  • Traditional advertising

  • Public relations

  • Multi-channel marketing agency specialists

  • Experiential

  • Full-service marketing

  • Web design

  • SEO / online marketing

  • Mobile marketing

  • Multicultural

  • Social media

  • User Experience

  • Creative

  • CRM

  • Reputation management

  • Video marketing

  • Pay-per-click marketing

  • Analytics