Our RFP Tool Kit includes a free request for proposal (RFP) template, a simplified RFP checklist, and a PDF download of our Guide to RFPs.

When done right, RFPs offer a thorough and methodical solution to selecting an agency.

As a marketing decision maker / procurement professional, you understand the importance of getting the RFP process right the first time. Not only do RFPs mitigate the risk of entering a disastrous partnership, they also help decision makers think through the process and expectations of a given project or initiative.

For brands creating an RFP, or Request for Proposal, the document provides a structured framework that helps them think through the details, goals, budget, timeline, and evaluation criteria for a particular project or marketing initiative. RFPs signal that a brand is entering the procurement stage for a particular service - meaning that they’re ready to buy. This encourages competition between agencies/vendors submitting proposals.


What's inside the RFP Tool Kit…

RFP Page Download

RFP Template

  • Stylish, downloadable, and easy to edit

  • Guides user through the RFP process with helpful tips

RFP Checklist

  • Simplified version of what every marketer / procurement professional needs to remember when going through the RFP process

  • Interactive PDF

  • Printable



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