Specialists vs. Generalists Agencies, Which is Best For You? [Quiz]

The classic “Specialist or Full-service Agency” dilemma usually goes something like this:

Should brand marketers hire one large, integrated marketing agency –– a team with copious resources, senior-level experience to provide a carefully aligned solution, and a full 360-degree view that highlights cross-channel marketing?

Or should brand marketers work with a few nimble, specialist agencies that burn deeper into their given discipline, often with a powerful creative spark, and fast turnaround?

Truth: It all depends on your needs, resources, and circumstance. What ultimately matters is your business, and since each company is very different, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all agency approach.

We have put together a short quiz to help you sort out important factors – marketing goals, budget, staff size, and competitive position – and hopefully, help you clarify which direction to lean towards.