Meet Creaxion [Infographic]

About Creaxion

The road to marketing success is littered with the carcasses of PR firms that couldn’t make it through the turbulent times we’ve all experienced over the last decade. It has truly been a case of survival of the smartest and fittest.

Creaxion is certainly one of the latter. This month, the agency will celebrate its 17th year in business. Not only has the Atlanta-based publicity powerhouse survived, it has thrived over the years and counts among its clients some of the best-known brands in the world including: Porsche, AT&T, The Coca-Cola Company, Honest Tea, Conservation International (CI) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Reasons We Love Creaxion

Hearts + Minds + Action

With a focus on consumer, B-2-B, entertainment and cause-related marketing, Creaxion specializes in PR, media relations, event management and what the agency calls “Move Marketing.” Creaxion has developed a unique expertise in creating a groundswell of excitement and support for its clients through big idea strategic thinking and flawless execution that moves hearts and minds into action.  

Several examples of this work include “Earth Hour” (WWF), “Nature is Speaking” (CI) and “The National Honesty Index” for Honest Tea. Creaxion also provided pro-bono marketing muscle to Water Life Hope, a nonprofit that provides clean drinking water to people in Haiti.

Marketing as an Art Form

To see Creaxion’s work in action, look no further than the HIGH Museum of Art. The agency is currently helping the HIGH promote The Coca-Cola Bottle:  An American Icon at 100 and Los Trompos (Spinning Tops). Over the past five years, Creaxion has promoted a number of blockbuster exhibitions at the HIGH including:  Dream Cars, Dali’ and Frieda & Diego.

Here’s a look at the new Los Trompos installation at the HIGH.

The Total Team Approach™

Creaxion’s agile infrastructure puts clients first, and provides them with exceptional customer service. Couple this with Creaxion’s long-standing media relationships, and you get the best of both worlds –– an agency that’s small enough to give special attention to each of its clients, and seasoned enough to take on large, complex assignments. The result is a deep understanding of what it takes to build effective communications strategies that tell unique brand stories in meaningful, impactful ways.

The Evolution of Marketing™

Before Facebook and Twitter, there was Creaxion. As markets expand and new platforms emerge, the science and practice of PR is constantly evolving. What we consider efficient marketing today could be obsolete tomorrow. Much like Darwin’s finches, Creaxion has successfully demonstrated “Survival of the Fittest” by adopting new media methods and expanding capabilities to fuel growth. Their ability to adapt and embrace change is what solidifies Creaxion as the authority on what’s “now” and what’s “next” in marketing.

Where to Meet The Group of Brand Architects and Advocates at Creaxion

1230 Peachtree St NE, Suite 925, Atlanta, GA 30309

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