AgencySparks is to CMOs as is to Job-Seekers

In the wake of recent conversations about customizing the job search process, I was targeted with a Facebook ad for that piqued my interest. (See? Paid social works!)

Last December, was valued at $200 million, and landed $15M in VC funding, bringing their total financial backing to $32.7M.

This September, the three-year-old startup promoted their President to CEO, and hired their first CMO (which is probably why their paid social has been more effective.)

I clicked through to their website, and saw this:

My first thought was: This is way too good to be true.

After creating my profile to better understand the service model, my second thought was: Wow, what a long-overdue relief for the job-seeker AND the company.’s meer existence suggests that recruiters have just as hard a time finding skilled employees, as the unemployed do finding jobs. connects talent with employers, and circumvents the grueling interview process. That’s crazy, right?! Well, not really...

In a world of individually tailored solutions, it’s a wonder that platforms like don’t already exist to serve every industry, not just the marketing, technology, and big data space in which plays.

It was a similar “A-ha!” moment that led us to start AgencySparks: The realization that CMOs need help finding specialist marketing agencies that are best-suited for their needs, and that there are few services like ours that introduce brands to agencies, giving both parties a long-overdue respite from the grueling RFP process.

So there, you have it. AgencySparks does for CMOs what does for job-seekers (and what eHarmony does for singles) –– we directly connect them with a perfect fit.