Top 10 AgencySparks Blogs of 2018

Over the past year, AgencySparks has written over 50 blogs highlighting major marketing trends. In providing senior-marketers with the advice and resources they need to stay on top of industry trends and maintain successful relationships with their marketing agency partners, there are a number of blogs that stood out to our audience.

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10. The Importance of Communicating the CMO Role to the C-suite

The CMOs’ understanding of consumer data and interpretation of analytics makes the Chief Marketing Officer one of the most vital members in the Chief Executive Suite. Despite their importance, however, CMOs have the shortest tenure, staying in the job for an average of 4.1 years, while citing misalignment with other members of the c-suite.

CMOs bridge the gap between companies and consumers. If there is no alignment, critical processes can potentially slip through the cracks..

This blog details how CMOs can communicate their value in order to earn the respect they require and deserve.

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With all the noise, noise, noise, there is an ongoing battle for the consumer’s attention. Brands that can cut through the clutter and competition stand out. Those who succeed by humanizing brands with empathy are able to tell their brand’s story through content.

Brands need to think more like a publisher and create amazing content to engage consumers.

This blog provides a breakdown of questions marketers should ask themselves when they advertise their brand. If a brand’s content does not entertain, inform, or delight in some way, then it may not get the traction or attention expected.

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For the past few years Millennials have been the talk of the town and the sole focus of marketers. However, a new demographic has emerged with even more purchasing power. Now, it’s all about Generation Z - the new millennials.

“Marketing Mysteries Uncovered for Generation Z” breaks down matters that Gen Z cares about and methods marketers can use to best reach them.  

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Word-of-mouth recommendations have always outperformed all other advertising types because people trust people they know. People don’t trust a marketing campaign.

For marketers who want to drive word-of-mouth recommendations, influencer marketing is the vehicle…. IF done right - and that’s a big if.

If you’re considering venturing into utilizing marketing influencers, this blog breaks down why influencer marketing works when done right, where marketers go wrong, and tips on how to run an authentic influencer marketing campaign.

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Finding the perfect match is almost a job in itself. People are complex - filled with certain preferences and different ways to communicate.

This blog pairs the “Five Love Languages” - receiving gifts, words of affirmation, gift giving, quality time, and acts of service - with marketing to detail how marketers can show their appreciation for their clients, consumers, and community.

The marketing profession revolves around relationships. Marketers need to foster relationships between the brand they represent and their target market in order to receive any long-term success. “Love” may be a strong word in this case, but being present while showing empathy and understanding resonates with consumers.

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A relationship between a marketing brand and marketing agency is similar to that of a romantic partnership. And just like a lot of romantic relationships, many don’t work out.

Not all relationships are doomed from the beginning. But like anything, a relationship requires trust which is built through consistent nurturing, attention, and communication.

What can brands and agencies do in order to prevent a messy “breakup?”

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Finding “the one” is stressful, time consuming, and, to be honest, extremely hard. A romantic relationship is not exactly congruent to an agency-client relationship, but there is something to be said about agency selection and the evolving pitch process. What should agencies and clients do differently?


This blog walks clients through the benefits of “dating” agencies to bypass the RFP process, ultimately saving time, money, and stress.

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Priorities change throughout the year. For brands looking to hire a marketing agency, it is important to set aside an appropriate budget. Depending on the scope of needs, some financial plans are more necessary than others. But ultimately, it is up to the client and agency to decide how they will price fees during their agency-client partnership.

What are the possible compensation models for agency-client relationships?

This blog details the five different models - Project-Based, Time & Materials, Retainer, Performance-Based, and Media Spend Fees.

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With the whimsical value metrics, marketing is a pointless and wasteful facet of an organization, right?

This satirical blog, while humorous and light-hearted, points out all of the benefits marketing offers a company - mostly articulating how marketing plays a huge hand in increasing awareness and interaction with consumers.

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If you are an employer looking to fill a position or a marketing graduate applying for a job, this blog is for you.

“Perfect Interview Questions to Fill Empty Marketing Roles”  breaks down marketing roles across all seniorities and marketing disciplines. It offers a unique list of questions designed to uncover the core personality of prospective employees. Included in the blog are pointers to identify ideal candidate qualities: drive, curiosity, detail, collaborative-minded, goal-oriented, etc.

Potential candidates applying for jobs get a glimpse into the interview process and the employer’s mindset in addition to a list of thoughtful questions to provoke a conversation.

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