Marketers Toolbox -

What is is an AI tool that helps designers, photographers, or editors remove a picture’s background without using an expensive photo-editing software. separates a subject from the background creating a transparent background that is convenient for editing and content marketing.

Why is this tool helpful?

In order to remove a photo’s background, editors typically have to use photoshop. simplifies and speeds up the editing process for free.

How is it used?

The user uploads their photo or enters a URL onto the site and then recognizes the subjects and separates them from the background. then provides a downloadable PNG with a transparent background. The tool works best, however, when the background is clear and not fuzzy.

Who would benefit from using this tool?

Graphic designers, photographers, and editors who work in design, content marketing, or social media marketing might find the tool the most useful, but anyone could benefit from this tool.


This tool is free.