Top 10 AgencySparks Blog Posts of 2017

2017 is over and the new year is finally here! After delving into the analytics for AgencySparks, below are the ten most visited blog posts for 2017:

Joe Koufman Entrepreneur

10. An Entrepreneur on the Road to Success Thanks to Relationships, Business Evolution, and Values

AgencySparks founder and CEO, Joe Koufman, shares his experience as an entrepreneur and insights.

9. Event Recap: Marketing Group Therapy Valentine’s Breakfast

AgencySparks holds quarterly breakfasts to network brands with agency partners. The #MarketersBreakfasts provide a stress free environment for connections and discussions to take place. Contact us if you are interested in attending the next breakfast.

8. Why Big Brands are Turning to Small Agencies

This article, reprinted with permission from Joe Parrish captures the benefits that specialized agencies offer brands.

7. Hashtag Hijacking: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Why are hashtags important and how can you avoid misusing them?

6. Event Recap: May #MarketersBreakfast

This #MarketersBreakfast provided insights into how brands and agencies measure success. Quotes, advice, and tools are in the blog above.

AgencySparks Breakfast Sign

5. The 4 A’s of Marketing to Different Personality Types

It is one thing to understand WHO your target audience is, but it is another to understand HOW to market to them. This blog outlines the different personality types marketers encounter and approaches to winning them over.

4. Can Anyone be a Marketer?

Marketers come from all walks of life but share similar, driven qualities! Do you have what it takes to be a marketer?

3. A How-to Guide to Writing the Perfect Marketing Brief

A step-by-step list for constructing the perfect brief. Since a well-done brief is essential for informing the strategy to the internal and external team members, download our free marketing brief template to ease the process.

2. The Marketing Budget - Where Marketers Go Wrong and How to Get it Right

At the end of the year when things are hectic and deadlines are approaching quickly, having a clean and organized budget is of utmost importance. This is a helpful budgeting guide with a free marketing budget template available for download.

1. The Marketing Career Path: From Entry-Level to Chief Marketing Officer

This post is from 2016, but it is still one of the most popular AgencySparks blogs to date! Constantly performing at the top of Google search, the “Marketing Career Path” preps marketers of all levels for what to expect in their career and how to get there.

We are proud of AgencySparks’ success over the past four years and look forward to providing you with more marketing resources/news throughout the years!